Q: How big is the island?

A: The island is 70 Hectares and the resort comprised 1/7th of that: 10 hectares.

Q: Can we swim there?

A: Yes, very well. No nasty drops or nasty stuff in the water. Bilharzia/Schistosomaiasis is present in the entire Lake Vic and the Nile, so also on our beach. But… it requires a circle of 1. Human feces – 2. snail – 3. human skin, so because we do not ‘do’ step 1. our prevalence is relatively low. Check the site for all info about Bilharzia.

Q: Will we get bored?

A: NO! Definitely not. Except maybe if you are a pathological thrillseeker or notorious nightfly/party animal. There is enough to do and to experience to keep you busy. Paddle around the island (or swim!), take a spin in the Laser, hike to the village, try our sjoelbak, play petanque, (try to) beat Brenda in Backgammon, or just relax and read a book in a hammock.

Q: Are your dogs dangerous?

A: They might run you over during their hourly dash over the beach. Or kill you softly with their velvet eyes. Stella and Diana are young and enthusiastic with not a bad bone in their bodies. Missy Brown used to be a ravishing wild beauty killing everything in sight (chicken, goats, ducks but not guests) but is now a very very old – toothless and deaf – Jaja. Stay away from our big fluffy blob Dobbin when she is guarding her avocado. Luckily she does that without exception under the tree in front of our kitchen.

Q: Do you have WiFi?

A: Nope. No updating your blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest on Banda – if you do not come with your own internet connection. We like you to look up from your gadgets and interact, play, enjoy.

Q: Do you have phone reception?

A: Yes, on the front beach MTN manages to come in quite well. On the back beach and at the castle we have all the others as well.

Q: Do you have internet reception?

A: Yes, Africell comes in with 4g (on the back beach), also MTN does well. Airtel is on and off, and unfortunately more off than on.


Q: Do you make vegetarian food? How about gluten free?

A: Our meals are usually fish based but we also make great veggie food. Our veggie lasagna and veggie pilau are both awesome. Let us know before if you need special diet and we take care of it!

Q: Do you charge for activities?

A: Not for the ones that do not use fuel. So take out any toy, enjoy a big campfire, have one of our staff guide you to the village… all free of charge.

Q: Do you offer fishing?

A: Yes, we can take you trolling for Nile Perch. Either with Kato or in the speed boat. Get in touch for the charges. Also you can go for a trip around the islands with either.



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