2017 May  ———————————————————-

Poster v2

2017 April ———————————————————-

Easter Advert landscape

2017 January ———————————————————

Banda Island is proud to support the Nile River Festival, Africa’s largest and longest running whitewater festival.


2016 November —————————————————–

Working on the red-tiled cottage:

2016 October ——————————————————-

Eli coming back with his friends


2016 September ———————————————


2016 August ———————————————


2016 June ———————————————

Sunday monitor 2016-06-12

2016 May — WE GOT IT!!!! ————————————————-


2016 March  ————————————————

Sunday Vision 2016-03-06


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ron Oren
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 20:33:03

    Deer Petra,

    So nice to hear that the Blood brothers are back!! I had the privilege to organize their first visit in the island many years ago, it’s still fresh in my mined! Please Send Alex, and the whole band deep regards from Ron and Adva!! Please send me a contact to them mail and phone I’ll be grateful.

    I wanted to talk with you about the Eco Project I’m working on, did you get my mails? If you have a phone number send me I’ll be happy to talk and think of ways to work together.

    In any case please jast let me know that you got the mail, because I was not sure that it got to you..

    All the best fan joy and love



    • bandaisland
      Aug 07, 2012 @ 08:00:04

      Hello Ron!

      Yes I got your mails …. and replied! Will check what happened. Would be great to welcome you back on Banda. Incidentally at the Games and Flames we had a couple (Gilbert and Brenda) who were at this first ever Bloodbrothers bash!

      have a good day!

      Petra – 0772 222 777


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