2012 August 25 – Bigger and Better Bloodbrothers Banda Beach Bash

Again with the Bloodbrothers, the Kokonuts and the Opipinos, but now with barbecue on the beach, more people, more drinks and more fun!

On Saturday 25th of August the Bloodbrothers will rock Banda Island again. Don’t miss it!

The weekend is a camping trip, sorry… all our accommodation is already taken for the band and the equipment. If you do not have a tent or cannot borrow one from a friend let us know as soon as possible. We will offer tent rentals (including mattress) at a good price.

We expect more than a 100 people so will offer you a spot to pitch your tent and breakfast on Sunday. Transport will be with  the EarthWise Ferry from Port Bell, with only a short transfer by Ssese canoe to Banda. Snacks and food from barbecue and sigiri will be available from the ‘Kabalagala’ style food court on the beach.

Tickets are going on on sale (starting Thursday) from the following points:

Ticket for 1 night – 140,000 UGX

The ferry leaves on Saturday 25th of August at 8:00 am sharp, and I mean SHARP, from Port Bell. To reach the ferry pass Luzira and continue towards the lake. The road at the end bends a bit to the right and then you stop in front of a very impressive gate with even more impressive soldiers. No worries, it is the customs area, so well secured. Just tell them you come for EarthWise ferries, pass the gate (after the necessary security checks) and park your car.

After a nice trip of 3.5 hours (especially leaving Murchison bay and passing Entebbe is fantastic) we will pick you up from the ferry in Ssese canoes and you will be on Banda around lunchtime where the barbecues and sigiris will already be flaming.

Ticket for 2 nights – 200,000 UGX

We leave on Friday morning at yawn (7:00) am (don’t be late!) with the Port Bell Ferry for a very nice trip along the Ssese islands and we will be picked up from Bufumira by the Banda Canoes. See above for details on how to get to the ferry. Lunch and dinner on Friday is included in the ticket price so expect some real good food!

There is also an option to come on Saturday and leave on Monday. Please let us know when buying the ticket.

Return on Sunday

Both tickets include breakfast on Sunday morning (served between 8:00 – 10:00). From around 11:00 we will have the sigiris running again for a last snack before we board the ferry back to Kampala at around 13:30.

Tickets without transport

We also offer tickets excluding transport, if you have your own boat, you choose to take public transport from Kasenyi, you come by car via Buggala, or you want to use a special hire from, say, Entebbe. The ticket prices are then:

  • 1 night: 70,000
  • 2 nights 130,000

What to bring

  • A tent with bedding
  • A torch (you would not be the first we find lost in the rainforest the next morning)
  • A mat/cushion to sit on the beach
  • Don’t forget to bring your ticket!

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