Games ‘n Flames – 2012 July

Sunshine, great teams, lots of fun, one of those weekends to remember!

The pictures say it all:

The announcement of Games ‘n Flames 2012:

Mark your calendar for the Fool Moon Party in July with a myriad of outdoor games and activities

Ten teams of four enter a battle of running, hopping, jumping and falling over to win the Cup. Come as a team or as an individual. If you come alone, we plug you into a team (and believe us… all winning stars!) or try to talk you into being a referee. 😉

We leave Kampala at 8:00am from Port Bell on Saturday 28th of July and will arrive on Banda Island in time for lunch on the beach. The first set of games will be gentle on your intestines after which, one and a half hours later, you’d be expected to carry out more strenuous challenges of the Games ‘n Flames.

Games go on till sunset when we will be more than ready to get our well deserved Shandy and watch the moon rise from the beach. After supper (I bet it is going to be a barbecue on the beach…) we flock to the castle for some indoor activities before running back to the huge campfire on the beach.

In the morning we have planned the last part of the competition, and the closing ceremony (we’ll try to beat London on this!), followed by a quick lunch at 01:30pm before we leave Banda and are picked up mid-water by the MV Amani, just a couple hundred meters away from Banda.

Come with a few sets of free and easy clothes, you might become wet with sweat. Also, don’t forget your trainers/sneakers.

The ticket for this weekend is 170,000 UGX and it includes;

  • Return ticket from Port Bell to Kalangala with the MV Amani
  • Shuttle between Banda and the MV Amani with a special hire boat
  • A spot on Banda Island to pitch your tent
  • Lunch – Dinner – Breakfast – Lunch
  • Complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day

Book now! Our LIMIT is 10 teams. Supporters are welcome (try to hide from us, or you might end up being a referee)

Be Warned..!! Be THERE..!!!!!

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